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New Patients

Appointments with Dr. Ansel

Welcome to Dr. Ansel’s chiropractic clinic in Nanaimo. If you’re a new patient, here’s what
to expect when you book an appointment.

First appointment/initial assessment: 45 min. – 1 hr.

Follow-up treatments: 5 – 10 min.


Check with our receptionist (250) 585-4455 or dranselsclinic@gmail.com to find out which forms, if any, to complete before your appointment.

  • New patient form  New Patient PDF form

ICBC & WCB claims

With 10+ years of experience in handling ICBC and WCB claims, Dr. Ansel helps his
patients understand their options and navigate the challenges of the systems.  You may
be experiencing vertigo, whiplash, neck pain, back pain or a head injury and have

  • Do you need a lawyer?
  • Do you need an MRI, X-ray or CT scan?
  • Do you need a referral from your medical doctor?

Dr. Ansel can help.  He knows that lawyers, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and acupuncturists can sometimes be required in the recovery process.  He has a strong network of practitioners he refers to and collaborates with so you can get the best results.