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What Patients Are Saying

QuoteI had a hip replacement some years ago and ended up still having a wobble in my walk. I tried a regular chiropractor intensely for a year and he was very good, my neck and spine were perfectly aligned but I still limped.  By the time I found Dr. Ansel I was using walking sticks because I could not rely on my hip to support me.  After my very first visit I was able to walk without the sticks and I couldn't wait for my next visit.  I am so pleased with how much better I can get around and function like a normal person again.  I continue to see Dr. Ansel once a month to maintain good alignment and I am so grateful for his expertise.

Audrey Rampfl

QuoteIt is a pleasure to recommend the services of Dr. Ansel Updegrove.  This requires two parts.  First is the science of N.U.C.C.A., which my wife and I feel is a superior form of chiropractic.  Second but equally important is the practitioner.  Dr. Updegrove is most effective in keeping my wife and myself in health.   Dr. Updegrove is a very caring individual and takes great interest in one’s overall wellbeing.  We both heartily recommend the services of Dr. Ansel Updegrove.

Andrea & Garry Bellagente

QuoteDr. Updegrove treated me after neck pain developed from a car accident.  I was skeptical as I thought only massage would help, but it was Dr. Updegrove’s gentle treatments that eliminated the pain completely after only about 10 treatments.  Dr. Updegrove’s clinic was more convenient and I wasn’t able to fit in massage so I am certain it was his excellent chiropractic care.  Dr. Ansel explained what the root cause of the pain was and how he treats it.  I could barely even feel his hands on my neck.   I would strongly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain.

Debbie Greene

QuoteI had a shooting pain in my lower back that my physiotherapists and doctor couldn’t heal.  Dr. Ansel cured me with one adjustment and I’ve not had a recurrence.

Trevor Greene

QuoteI was in a car accident and four days later my legs went numb from the thigh down.  I was already a patient of Dr. Ansel’s; he had helped me with my headaches and I knew he could help me with my legs.  I continued to see him on a regular basis. He always told me to call if I needed an adjustment in between appointments.  One Friday my legs were very sore and I knew I would be in pain all weekend if I didn’t go see him.  I called and the receptionist was able to fit me in. Dr. Ansel told me: "Pain is inevitable.  Staying in pain is a choice."   Well, I choose to be pain free.

Thank you, Dr. Ansel.

J. Gilmour