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What to expect in treatment

Invested time

Dr. Ansel invests time to listen to his patients and look for clues that have been overlooked by other practitioners.  It’s the foundation of the first meeting.

Quality care

Dr. Ansel recognizes that every patient is unique and, in helping identify what’s been overlooked, he recognizes that their observations are usually more important than the examinations and tests that other doctors have performed.

Cost conscious

Dr. Ansel understands that one of the biggest hurdles for most patients is cost.  Quality doesn’t always require quantity.  In his clinic you won’t receive a treatment plan that starts off at three times a week for three months.

Problem solving

Dr. Ansel has an analytical mind that’s always questioning and problem solving.  Patients appreciate his ability to think outside the box.  Even after their pain is gone, patients keep returning to maintain good health.