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Why Dr. Ansel Practices Chiropractic

I understand when people with injuries or pain have tried other treatments and then come and see me because nothing else has worked.

The same thing happened to me when I had a herniated disc in my low back.

I spent nine months searching for treatment that would work for me, travelling across the continent and working with more than 20 different doctors.  It wasn’t until I experienced upper-cervical chiropractic care that I found the results I was looking for: Getting back to 100%.

Because one doctor cared enough about me to explain what I was experiencing, I learned that the healing process is a collaborative effort between doctor and patient.  Later, at chiropractic college I was taught that healing comes from the above down and inside out.

My story and my experience have led me to practice the way I do today.  I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to my patients the same care that has helped me.

Dr. Ansel